AaGlobal Launches Charity to Build Communities

The Chamber’s official partner for language and translation services is to use its skills and contacts to support communities in the Humber region with the launch of a new charity.

The creation of ONE Humber was inspired by the work of AaGlobal Language Services in support of public sector clients, including local authorities and the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The aim is that ONE Humber’s activities will ease the demand on public services by promoting diversity and equality and bringing people together. Benefits for the private sector are expected to accrue as a result of increased communication skills and confidence among people who have previously been hard to reach.

AaGlobal was launched in Worcester nearly 30 years ago and expanded into Hull in 2012. Kirk Akdemir, CEO of the company, said the need to improve integration emerged from cultural awareness workshops and language academy sessions which AaGlobal has been holding in schools and other organisations.

He said: “We became aware that there are members of the community who are missing out and there are not enough organisations or individuals to bring them together or give them support.

“Around the area there are pockets of different nationalities and different cultures. They are in their own cocoons, not integrating. We identified a need to do something to promote community values and integration, including with LGBT communities and other minorities.

“We also found there are a lot of people who have language skills but who lack the other attributes you need to become a professional translator or interpreter.

“The work of the academy has helped us create employment and improve the services available to businesses and public sector organisations by being able to source language services closer to home.”

For details of ONE Humber visit www.onehumber.org

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