Apprentices aid AaGlobal expansion

AaGlobal’s commitment to apprenticeships is giving young people from Hull the chance to take a trip around the world without leaving their desks.

We have recruited a second batch of apprentices to the team at our Hull office and Chief Executive Kirk Akdemir says the company is likely to bring in some more.

The apprentices have come in from Chamber Training Humber and from Hull College and they’re dealing with AaGlobal’s clients from much further afield as they operate a booking system which links around 6,000 interpreters and translators with a growing customer base.

Chloe Hollands joined the company in the summer after leaving Wyke College and attending an interview with Chamber Training because she didn’t want to commit to three years of university study.

She said: “I decided to look for a business admin apprenticeship and I started with AaGlobal a few weeks after the interview with Chamber Training. It’s giving me good experience of the world of business and of the world generally – by talking to so many people from so many different countries you get a better understanding of cultural issues.”

Scott Briggs, who joined AaGlobal just over two years ago, applied to AaGlobal after finding out that the company specialised in language services. He was put forward for the apprenticeship by Hull College.

Now a permanent Client Support Officer, Scott said: “The job involves a lot of work under pressure and at first it was quite daunting. I know a lot more about languages now than when I started and I am planning to learn some. I think I’m learning things without realising it but I’ve got a lot more to do yet.

“It’s not important to speak a foreign language but it is important to know the difference between languages because some countries have more than one. People ask for Africa and you have to find out which language they want, and you learn the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin.”


Kirk said: “Our numbers are increasing as we secure more private sector clients in addition to our extensive public sector work. We have been very pleased with our apprentices and they play an important part in helping us manage our bookings system, making sure all requests for interpreters are dealt with, liaising with clients and with our 6,000 interpreters and translators.

“We will look to take more in the future. It is a good opportunity for young people from the local area and they have been good for our business.”

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