Our Approach

Our Technologies

The world of technology is upon us, and we ensure that we keep up with the best softwares and techniques so that we can constantly provide the most efficient service to our clients. However, we are the Language People, not the language machines.

Our Approach

Our Technologies

The world of technology is upon us, and we ensure that we keep up with the best softwares and techniques so that we can constantly provide the most efficient service to our clients. However, we are the Language People, not the language machines.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a truly native service from start to finish, which can only happen when real people are involved the whole way through. Our technology systems HELP with this process rather than define the service.

We are extremely proud of our technologies, however we believe our best technologies are our amazing linguists. We want to send a person to our clients to aid their service users care in hospital, not a robot, and we don’t want your hydraulic rams to be translated through a machine as a watery male sheep (see News story), so at AaGlobal you get Language People, not JUST technology.

Our Portals

We have 2 different platforms, enabling our clients and linguists full accessibility to create bookings, access assignments and download their translations, all in one place.

The Portal is what gives our clients and linguists full control over their interpreting and translation bookings. You get to input everything you require, and we do the rest. With immediate upload functions for files, and notifications to keep you updated along the way, our portal provides everything required for our busy clients and makes life simple for our linguists.

Our Telephone and Video Portal is our designated area for our clients and linguists purely for telephone and video interpreting. It provides immediate access for clients to input the language required and be instantly connected to one of our interpreters who are logged in at the other side, awaiting any calls. Clients are also able to pre-book telephone and video appointments through this platform, allowing for an easy booking process for extremely busy clients. The Telephone and Video Interpreting Portal also logs all of the times and lengths of each appointment, helping our linguists to know that this is sorted for them, alongside helping clients know they don’t need to keep track of this on their end – we know you’re busy.

Our Software

Alongside our portals, our developers constantly make sure that our inhouse software is the best of the best so that our teams can use technology to get the help they need, giving them time to focus on our clients and linguists, rather than worrying about machines. We not only use specific softwares for our projects such as audio editing platforms, design suites and video creation tools, but our portals also help us by using their clever features to assist with choosing the best interpreter for the job, or automatically sending emails to our translators for their new projects as some examples of their assistance to us as well as you.

We work with any and all file types here at AaGlobal, here’s just some of the most popular: .doc, .pdf, .html, .rtf, .txt, .xml, .xls, .xml, .json, .jpg, .png, .ppt, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .pub, .indd, .idml, .ai, .xlff, .ds2, .dss and many, many more!

The software that we use for any Machine Translations that we provide is built from a combination of AI and data analysis from real human translations, producing entire sentences in their context from their own database.

Machine Translation is becoming bigger and better. We think it’s a long way off yet, but certainly appreciate the benefits it brings for certain projects. The Machine Translation tool that we use offers immediate translations for around 450 languages and dialects. It not only provides machine translations, but also allows for editing, so we can constantly improve the machine translations given and it then saves these edits, so the next time we want that text, we’ve already got it how we like it. Find out more on our Website and Machine Translations page.


AaGlobal have extensive policies and processes in place to ensure the safe storage, transmission, retention and processing of data, in line with relevant Information Security and Information Assurance standards. We are compliant with the NHS DSP Toolkit, registered with the Information Commissioners Office and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

All of our content is managed via secure virtual cloud machines and access is restricted to staff with permission-based appropriate security clearance.

We take security extremely seriously due to the nature of our work and our close relationships with both clients and linguists means we know what matters to you, and we make sure we adhere to it.

We are also accredited for:

ISO 22301

Framework for continual maintenance and improvement of business continuity management systems.

ISO 27001

Certifies we take information security seriously across the business.

Find out about our Quality Assurance and Linguistic Testing

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