Why do you need translation services?

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As businesses and individuals grow, the world is becoming a smaller, more accessible place. Expanding into new locations and taking in vast landscapes means that translation services are becoming a crucial part of communicating with new clients.

From documents and certificates to user manuals and websites, people need to be able to communicate within a global market. With over 7000 officially known languages in the world, it can be tricky to connect and correspond with everyone. AaGlobal has a comprehensive understanding of the importance of languages across a variety of sectors, but why would you need a quality translator? Let’s find out.

What is translation? 

In its most basic sense, translation is the process of taking words from one language and rewriting them into another. It sounds simple, assuming you speak both of the languages in question, of course. However, taking one text and making it understandable in another language is more complicated than it may first appear. 

Languages, like life itself, have undergone centuries of evolution. Words take on different meanings, and new words are added to our lexicon what seems like every day. So this means that it is not always easy to directly translate from one language to another and make sure that the meaning remains the same. 

How can translation services benefit me?

Our planet is becoming a smaller place as we are able to travel easier and faster. With the evolution of emails and video calls, we have the facility to communicate with people on the other side of the world with little or no effort. Whilst this is an incredible feat, it does pose potential issues and pitfalls for companies or individuals if they are not prepared. This is where translation services in the UK can help bridge that language gap. 

From manufacturing to hospitality to personal matters, it is difficult to think of an area where translation services wouldn’t provide some benefit. Whilst for some, needing a translation might be a once-in-a-lifetime requirement, for some organisations, translations are required every day. 

Who needs translation services anyway?

There are so many instances where changing text from one language to another is not only a requirement but essential. Miscommunication and misunderstanding can cause problems, so it is vital to make sure that text is translated accurately. This means that most sectors and industries require some form of translation at some point. Here are some examples of where translation services have proved indispensable. 

Private Sector Translating

Whether a business operates within manufacturing, retail or in the service industry, there are loads of instances where translation services have been required. It is also important to ensure that translations are completed effectively, but most importantly accurately. 

If you think about pretty much any product you might buy, the chances are it comes with an instruction manual. That manual will give you instructions and safety warnings for that product in your language and a raft of other languages, too. That means that several translators have been involved in the printing of that manual. 

Businesses need manuals translating for a number of reasons, including retail products, machinery/automotive uses or staff training. Technical translations require a further level of skill and accuracy; businesses need to know they can rely on the results. 

Public Sector Translations

Public sector organisations are a large user of translation services around the UK. There are a number of people residing in the UK whose first language is not English. Organisations within education, healthcare and social services need to communicate with people from all walks of life.  

For example, one of the most obvious instances within the healthcare sector is patient letters. It is a regular occurrence for an NHS Trust to have to send correspondence to a patient. This could be for a number of reasons, including outpatient appointments. It is important for everyone involved that the recipient of that letter understands what has been written. So, providing letters in a patient’s mother tongue means that they get the treatment they need. It also means that the clinic doesn’t have to deal with costly missed appointments. 

Personal Matters

As we’ve discovered, the world is getting smaller. Now, many people are travelling further, which means they are experiencing more and meeting new people. With that comes people buying property abroad, emigrating and even finding and falling in love with people from other countries. 

Having the freedom to travel around the world is incredible, but the word “freedom” is a bit of a misnomer. The ability to live or work in another country comes with certain legalities to overcome. That also means legal documentation. So, individuals find the need for documentation translation services to translate marriage documents, property deeds or immigration papers. 

Translation Services that connect you with the world

As people around the world are getting closer together, translation services become more of an essential requirement for everyone. From businesses to private individuals, translation services help people understand documents, websites, manuals and more. 

In fact, it is highly likely that most of us encounter text daily that has been through a translation service. So, in answer to the question, “Who needs translation services?” the answer is “pretty much everyone”. Whether you have been involved in the translation directly or whether you have read something that has been translated, everyone benefits from accurate translation services. 

AaGlobal are language people who have been completing translation services since 1992. With over 14,000 linguists at our fingertips, there is not a corner of the globe we cannot connect you with. We give our clients peace of mind that translations are completed by native speakers with a natural understanding of languages. 

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