Meet the Team

Great service requires great people, and we think our Language People are the best.


Meet the Team

Great service requires great people, and we think our Language People are the best.
We work as teams to learn and grow with each other through our hands up policy. Everyone knows we’re here for each other.
We’re so lucky to work in such a diverse environment with so many different backgrounds and languages all in one office, we truly learn something new each and every day.
Our Translations Team dont just translate, they collaborate. We are always working together and combining our language skills to give our clients the best outcome.
We like to smile here, and Ioana regularly beams as she fills the Interpreting Dept. in on the hundreds of appointments she's fulfilled this week.
Quality Management, Contract Management and Data Analysis may be 3 separate teams, but here we work as 1; its a full service deal!
Our business may be all about communication, but we listen to our clients first, and we're very good at it. Cherrelle knows all brilliant Translations, start with understanding.
Accounts has a bad rep of being "dull", but thats not the case with AaGlobal's Francesca, she always makes sure everyone's having a good time.
Interpreting isnt just booking appointments all day, our team are getting together to discuss the endless other services we provide on a daily basis and meeting with our linguists too; we're all in on this.

Senior Management Team

1 Kirk - CEO Grey
Starting the business in 1992 as a translator himself, he has created an empire providing any kind of language service through learning each and every stage and still supports the senior management today sharing his expertise.
Andrei 2
Joining AaGlobal as an Interpreter and then moving into an inhouse role, has turned into Andrei leading the company and managing all aspects of our business.
4 Carol - Procurement Manager_Grey
With 30 years experience in procurement, Carol has lead our procurement department resulting in our many contracts wins alongside achieving our many ISO certifications.
5 Chantelle - Business Development Officer_Grey
Working in different departments throughout the business has lead to Chantelle running the business development side of the company to further increase our presence. 
With 5 years of experience working in our Interpreting, Recruitment and Translation department’s, Gentiana oversees all aspects of the services we provide and tackles every requests, no matter how challenging, with a smile. 
A background in contract management and years of experience working closely with service users means Jayne provides our clients with all of the support they need in accessing our services and is always on hand for any queries between departments.

Join us

Our office team is just one part of our incredible network at AaGlobal, our Language People exist all over the world and if you’d like to join this fantastic group of people, see what’s on offer on our Careers page.

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Translating in a Digital Age

The huge impact that AI is having on many walks of life and most industry sectors is hard to ignore. Many people now have access to vast amounts of information via the smartphones in their pockets. In fact, automated translations have been accessible for a long time; however, this has not replaced the need for human translations.  At AaGlobal, we

A pile of books that will have used translation services

Why do you need translation services?

As businesses and individuals grow, the world is becoming a smaller, more accessible place. Expanding into new locations and taking in vast landscapes means that translation services are becoming a crucial part of communicating with new clients. From documents and certificates to user manuals and websites, people need to be able to communicate within a global market. With over 7000

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