Documents are our bread and butter here; send us what you have, tell us what you need and we will do the rest. Our clients can have complete peace of mind knowing that since 1992, native, quality translations is what we do.



Documents are our bread and butter here; send us what you have, tell us what you need and we will do the rest. Our clients can have complete peace of mind knowing that since 1992, native, quality translations is what we do.

About the service


At AaGlobal, we keep an extensive database of linguists to ensure that each individual project is undertaken by the most suitable linguist whose educational and professional background is the most appropriate to the project in hand. We ensure that all translation work is only conducted by native speakers of the target language, ensuring that your content is always written as if it were created in that language initially. 

  1. Our dedicated Translation Project Coordinators assess each project in detail so they can grasp the client’s full requirements.
  2. This enables them to select the perfect translator for the job. They look into the context, the formatting required and the length of the text, so they know exactly who is best to translate the text at hand – we would never give an Instructions For Use Manual on a power tool to a translator specialised in romance novels. To find out more about our linguists and how they are chosen and verified, head to Our Quality Assurance and Linguistic Testing page. 


We translate every type of document from technical manuals to power of attorney’s in over 500 languages and dialects. 

For when your document needs verification, we also provide official certification and notarisation of any documents. 

We pride ourselves on carrying out extensive inhouse checks on every single one of our translations, providing the human touch in everything we do, to find out about our processes, read more on Our Process page.



For AaGlobal translations, localisation comes as standard. We do not charge extra or carry this out as a separate service for all of our translation customers as we do this WITHIN our translations. Due to only ever using native speakers in the target language for our client’s translations, your documents are already localised to the most appropriate terminology, style and phrasing for the target audience. If we are ever not sure of who your target audience is we will be sure to ask, so you know that your text is not only translated, but localised to exactly where it’s going to be needed.

For any existing translations you may have, we will gladly get these localised for you and get our native translators to ensure that your documents are fluent and roll off the tongue all over the world.  



As part of our quality assurance procedures, all of our written translations are proofread before delivering to our clients. For those times when you need even further checks of your translation, you can ask for our in-depth proofreading service, in which we will not only carry out our standard proofreading and quality assurance, but we will employ an additional proofreader to your project, so you get that extra peace of mind. When proofreading a document, our linguists check spelling, grammar, text fluency, suitability for the target audience and make sure the style is correct. 


Yulia, Translations Department Manager
Did you know?


Over 250,000 bookings completed each year.

2 million+

Over 2 million words translated each year.


More than 500 languages interpreted each year.


Over 15,000 linguists working with us.


Yulia, Translations Department Manager

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If you want to market your business or products internationally, or just want to reach a non-English speaking audience, you need your website translated. We go one step further and we make sure your whole content is fit for who’s going to read it. Alongside this we offer technology to assist our Language People.

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Sometimes you need more than just the written word, so we also provide audio files in any format as well as subtitles and transcriptions to suit your requirements. We work with the most professional voice over artists, translators and transcribers to ensure you are provided with a complete service for your multimedia.

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With so many users in the UK of Braille, Easy Read and Large Print, we want to make it easy for our clients to be able to provide these formats to people in all subject areas, so everyone is included. We only use experienced translators so we can be sure the message is getting across accurately every single time.

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Translating your content was the first step, now what about when you need it stunningly formatted ready for print and publishing? We offer a typesetting service for absolutely all of our translations in over 500 languages and dialects.

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If you have important documents that need to be translated into another language, you need a service you can trust. We ensure a smooth document translation service that fits in with your timescales. Our team of Language People is specially trained to provide accurate translations with a quick and hassle-free service.


Translation is the process of turning written text from one language into another. Translation services can be used for many functions, including translating books, manuals, documents and websites. Wherever you find words, AaGlobal can help translate them into another language.  

We have a database of over 15,000 linguists covering over 500 languages and dialects. We cover everything from the most common languages, like Polish or German, to even more unusual ones, like Rotokas.  

Our expert translation services have been successfully applied to numerous sectors with great results. We’ve worked on some great projects for solicitors and legal services, hospitals and the NHS, schools, local authorities, charities, manufacturers, retailers, energy companies, logistics firms, and so much more.  

We provide a straightforward three-step process to make it as easy as possible. Contact us and let us know what you need. We’ll then get to work finding the right translator with the correct experience and skills for your project. Once confirmed, we’ll get back in touch to keep you informed and send over your perfectly translated document.  

This really does depend on the length and complexity of the documents you need to be translated. Once we have received the outline of your project, we’ll review the intricacy of the document and the availability of suitable translators. We’ll then provide you with a realistic timeline and complete your project within our agreed outline. If you have an urgent requirement, we’ll work with you to get you a speedy turnaround.  

Similar to the timespan of a project, this depends on the size of the document, the difficulty of the proposal and the availability of translators for the required language. We’d need to see a copy of the documents to provide an accurate quote. Contact us for a free-of-charge quotation.  

We offer trustworthy translations for legal matters. We can translate many legal documents, including marriage and divorce certificates, passports and identity cards, birth and death certificates, medical records, wills and probate documents, and property deeds.  

We provide certified translations that are formally verified and stamped and come with a certificate that confirms that they were completed by us and our qualified professional translator.  

Certain legal documents require notarised translations, and AaGlobal can deal with that too. We attend the offices of a Notary Public, where we will swear before the Notary that a qualified professional translator has completed the translation. The Notary will then stamp and notarise each page. Please be aware that notarised documents incur additional fees to cover legal costs. Please get in touch for more information.

We take security and confidentiality very seriously at AaGlobal. Our staff and linguists are all contracted to treat any information that they have access to with the strictest confidence and must not be disclosed to any third parties under any circumstance. We are also willing to sign confidentiality agreements, where required, for total peace of mind.  

Key benefits

Only ever native, qualified translators

Dedicated Project Coordinator

Localisation as standard

Proofreading included

Extensive human quality checks

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