Don't Take Chances With Your Translations!...


Translation is a profession. Only a qualified and experienced native speaker can capture and re-create the full impact of your ideas, complete with the "between the lines" understanding, for the intended cultural environment. Translation not only requires the top class linguistic skills of a native speaker and their intellectual application but a translator also needs to have an appropriate background or knowledge of the subject being translated.

That is why at AA Global Language Services, we keep an extensive database of professionals to ensure that each individual project is undertaken by the most suitable linguist whose educational and professional background is the most appropriate to the project in hand.

In-keeping with our tradition of offering the highest quality professional service, we ensure that all translation work is conducted by native speakers of the target language. Furthermore, we never ask a linguist who is not familiar with the subject to undertake a translation even if they have perfect command of the languages involved.

Technical & Commercial Translations

This is an area that requires highly specialist translators with in depth knowledge and background experience in each sector of the industry. Not only that they must have an excellent understanding of the subject matter, they must also know technical terms and jargon used in each field. Our project managers, translators and proof readers spend a very large proportion of their time on research and liaising with clients to ensure absolute accuracy whether it is a single page letter of specifications or a thousand page technical manual that they are translating. Our clients range from small firms employing a few people to blue chip companies and global brands such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Corp.

Legal & Financial Translations

We work with a large number of financial establishments, banks, law firms, courts, police forces and other organisations throughout the country and handle a wide variety of legal and financial documents such as contracts, agreements, patents, statements, tribunals and financial reports. Most of our legal work is certified and/or notarised as requested.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations

This is another area where we have teams of specialist translators, most of whom are qualified doctors and scientists, translating a wide range of material including medical reports, information leaflets, hospital equipment manuals, research projects and even packaging for medicines. 


All work undertaken by AA Global Language Services is treated with strict confidentiality. It is built into our contracts with our staff, translators and interpreters that all information that they have access to must be treated as strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to any third parties under any circumstances without express written permission of AA Global Language Services. Any notes taken by an interpreter during an assignment will be destroyed securely immediately afterwards. 

In more delicate circumstances, we will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement for complete peace of mind.

We operate to rigorous data storage, handling and transfer protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Justice and are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, Registration: Z1887071.