Another Listing in a Public Sector Framework of Suppliers

AaGlobal Language Services Ltd has added the listing on ESPO, which primarily informs local authorities throughout the UK, to its recognition on the NHS framework Shared Business Services (SBS).

Kirk Akdemir, Chief Executive of AaGlobal, said both frameworks are of great significance to people making public sector purchasing decisions and are also relevant to the private sector.

AaGlobal was listed on the SBS interpretation and translation services framework two years ago and has now been included for a second time by ESPO, having already spent five years on its supplier list.

Kirk said: “ESPO is a very large and important framework which was set up by some major local authorities. Inclusion on that list indicates our status as a major player in the country, operating in the same league as some very big organisations such as Capita.

“The listing is intended primarily as a guide for the public sector but it is also recognised more widely as a hallmark of excellence. It is a catalogue of the best places to source goods and services.

“Private sector businesses have their own lists of preferred suppliers as we know from our repeat business with Toyota over many years. However smaller businesses may not have access to that sort of resource, particularly if they rarely require translation and interpreting services, and they can benefit from seeing who is trusted to work for the big public sector bodies.”

AaGlobal, a major supporter of the Chamber’s International Trade Centre, employs around 20 permanent staff, including 15 at its office next to Hull Marina. The company also has a team of nearly 15,000 translators and interpreters who between them can cover more than 500 languages and dialects.

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