AaGlobal Announces Promotion as it Prepares for Office Move

A leading translation and interpreting company is set for further expansion after confirming a key appointment and revealing plans for new premises.

AaGlobal Language Services Ltd has announced the appointment as General Manager of Andrei Sparling, who joined the company as a part-time interpreter and progressed to lead its expansion to Hull in 2011.

AaGlobal provides services to major public sector organisations and a wide range of private sector businesses with a team of nearly 15,000 translators and interpreters who between them can cover more than 500 languages.

Kirk Akdemir, CEO of AaGlobal, said: “Andrei joined us in a part-time role, came in full-time at a very junior level and has taken on more and more responsibility over the years, making a significant contribution to the success of the business.

“Since we expanded from our base in Worcester, our Hull office it has grown in importance and now employs 15 of our 20-strong workforce. Andrei has played a pivotal part in that and he will be a key figure as we prepare for a move to a new site in Hull in the coming months.

“Andrei’s promotion is a sign of the progress that he has made and of the strides that AaGlobal has made since opening in Hull. It also indicates that people who join us at a junior level will have the opportunity to progress to very senior positions.”

Andrei, who comes from Moldova, has lived and worked in Spain and in the UK. He speaks English, Moldovan, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

He said: “The work has been very challenging and there is always so much more to learn, but that motivates me, as do the people I work with. It’s about everybody working together and helping each other. My colleagues are part of the reason I am where I am.”

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