Young Executives Keep Cool to Beat the Competition

Children at a school in Hull turned a tidy profit but also learned a tough business lesson with the help of AaGlobal Language Services.

The young executives from Woodland Primary School in East Hull were quickly onto a winner with their plan to sell popcorn to fellow pupils – but they were almost scooped by the competition when an ice cream van arrived at the school gates!

The popcorn project was launched as part of the Make £5 Blossom scheme, which is designed to give school students an insight into the world of business. AaGlobal, a major supporter of the Chamber’s International Trade Centre, backed the youngsters with sponsorship and also advice on serving a healthy option of fruit kebabs.

Jo Clark, the school’s Emotional Wellbeing and Behaviour Officer, said the children, aged between five and 11, considered investing in a chocolate fountain before opting for the popcorn and fruit combination. They started with £150 and made £71 profit – but could have done so much better.

Jo said: “The school was closing early one day, the parents were arriving and a lot of people had brought money to spend on popcorn and fruit kebabs – but it was such a nice day that an ice cream van also turned up, and some children decided to spend their money there!”

Kirk Akdemir, Chief Executive of AaGlobal, said: “It’s clear the children would have made more money if the ice cream van hadn’t arrived but they did very well and they learned a valuable lesson – that all sorts of obstacles can arise in business, from unexpected competition to unseasonal weather.”

Jo added: “The children live in a very close-knit community and it was great for them to work with AaGlobal and find out what business is about.”

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