AaGlobal Brexit briefing warns of need for clarity

International trade for a post-Brexit Britain will call for greater care than ever in rising to the challenges and seizing opportunities.

Kirk Akdemir, Chief Executive of AaGlobal Language Services, said there may be benefits for businesses in exploring markets beyond the EU and there may be better deals to be had from striking new agreements with European partners.

But he added that every new discussion carries a level of risk which must be minimised by securing a clear understanding of the terms of any transaction. That means not taking any chances with languages and translation, and also making sure you are aware of any potential cultural issues.

Kirk said: “We are specialists in translation and interpretation services and we also promote cultural awareness to help you understand the people you are doing business with – and above all to make sure you don’t offend them!

“Whatever your opinions of Brexit, if you trade internationally you will see significant changes. If you target markets outside the EU then you could end up dealing with countries, languages and cultures that you have never experienced before.

“Even if you are still buying or selling with the same contacts within the EU, aspects of the deal could change under a new regime. It is vital that you fully understand the terms of any deal, and a huge part of that is the ability to communicate effectively.”

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