Talking Technology at Language Services Specialist

A leading language services company is investing in communicating by technology to bring together its thousands of clients, translators and interpreters.

AA Gobal, a key supporter of the Chamber’s International Trade Centre, has started work on an app which will improve services for its clients in the public and private sectors and make life easier for its multilingual team.

Kirk Akdemir, Chief Executive of the company, which expanded to Hull from its first office in Worcester in 2011, said the latest investment will build on the benefits of the recent relocation of the Hull office and the recruitment of more staff.

He said: “We have made some significant appointments in recent years and we are now getting everybody organised in our new office in Hull. What the app will do is streamline communications between our office-based staff in Hull and Worcester and our thousands of translators and interpreters”.

The app will also be used by AaGlobal’s clients to send the company information about an assignment and will enable them to book an interpreter using their handset.

The linguists will be able to use the technology to receive details of their assignments including information about the client and the job and
satnav directions to help them find their destination. It will also enable the linguists to exchange information with AaGlobal about
their earnings and expenses.

Kirk said: “We are working with increasing numbers of clients and we are getting around 3,000 bookings every month, so that’s potentially 3,000 different times and locations and this will be a big help in terms of organising that workload.

“We have about 14,000 translators and interpreters who between them cover around 500 languages and dialects and this investment will make the whole business more efficient because they are all familiar with the language of technology!”

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