Syrian Refugee Programme – North West

The Government has agreed to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees. The first families have been arriving across the country and we have been supporting a council in the North West with their first cohort of families over the past few months.

We have supported by providing cultural awareness to staff who will be working with families and coordinating language speakers to support the families through the crucial first two weeks of their new lives in Britain.

In early April 2017,  we met the new families at the airport and worked with the Red Cross to ensure their safe journey to the North West.  From there we have helped coordinate their integration into the local area including working with Housing, DWP, Children’s Services, Schools, GP Services and ESOL providers.

We will be supporting with the next cohort of families in October 2017 and every 4 months thereafter so we hope that each family settles in as well as these first families have.

BME Forums – Yorkshire

During 2014, a local council, Clinical Commissioning Group and Foundation Trust surveyed 5% of the areas BME population to find out what it was like to live in the area.  The findings of the survey raised several key issues and it was agreed that a series of focus groups would be held in order to delve deeper into the issues raised.

Consequently, due to the wide range of BME community members which AA Global could access and gauge opinion from, we were asked to develop, deliver and report on two BME Focus Groups.  We successfully held two BME Forums with community members ranging from a wide background and this has helped the local public sector organisations develop a needs assessment and action plan in order to address the issues raised as part of these Forums.

Cultural Awareness Sessions – North Yorkshire

We were asked to help local schools in North Yorkshire meet their British Values function by developing and delivering cultural awareness sessions for their Year 7 pupils.

AA Global designed ‘A Passport Around the World’ themed half day event with six representatives from six nationalities from across the world.  The six representatives covered topics such as;

  • Differences and similarities between the cultures
  • Language, music, colours, food, customs, etc.
  • Experiences and emotions related to moving to a country; adapting to it
  • Personal experiences (positive and negative)

Pupils visited each of the ‘countries’ where they learned about that particular country and also had the opportunity to create a piece of art or craft from that country, making sure that they were engaged with the session.

AA Global aimed to make a positive impact on pupils so they had an elevated curiosity to learn and understand different cultures.  It was hoped that the outcomes would result in reduced cases regarding racism or other negative ethnic-related incidents.  After the events, pupils were very excited and positive and school staff were equally as positive and this has now become an annual training session.

ONE Humber

The creation of ONE Humber was inspired by the work of AA Global Language Services in support of public sector clients including local authorities and the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The aim is that ONE Humber’s activities will ease the demand on public services by promoting diversity and equality and bringing people together.

ONE Humber has three work streams;

  • ‘Have a Voice’ – making sure that hard to reach communities have the opportunity to have their say on key public sector services
  • ‘Design Services’ – identify where gaps are in service provision and try and plug these gaps by addressing the issues
  • ‘Learn About Us’ – deliver training sessions so that the wider community understand hard to reach communities in their local area


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