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Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous Interpreting)


Conference Interpreting (also called Simultaneous Interpreting) is widely practiced in more formal situations like conferences and international conventions. Simultaneous interpreters sit in a booth and both listen and speak at the same time, translating as the speaker goes along. Using audio equipment (microphones, headphones etc) the entire conference attended by delegates from many different countries can tune into the speaker at the same time.


It is standard practice to use a team of 2 interpreters per language, who will work in turns. At AA Global Language Services, as well as providing simultaneous interpreters, we can provide audio and visual equipment, such as delegates' headsets, microphones, lecterns, interpreting booths, lighting, staging, even flower arrangements and executive transport for your delegates to and from the venue. This way, our clients can have total peace of mind and concentrate on their work rather than worrying about numerous arrangements they would have otherwise had to make. We have provided conference interpreting services to many high powered organisations, the latest one being the European Police Forces Convention in Nottingham, UK.