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Export Translation Packs Proving Very Popular!...

Export translation packs, produced by AA Global Language Services in partnership with the Hull & Humberside Chamber of Commerce's International Trade Department are in high demand by companies wanting to increase their sales by finding new markets.

Designed to help new and existing exporters from the region to showcase their products or services professionally all over the world whilst avoiding cultural misunderstandings, Export Translation Packs can be produced in any language for any country. Packs are individually custom made for each company and include a letter of introduction or a press release, a company leaflet and business cards to ensure the best impression is made first time.

Underlining the importance of approaching potential clients in their own language and taking cultural differences into consideration, Kirk Akdemir, CEO of AA Global said "We are now seeing a positive change of attitude by British firms when marketing their goods or services overseas. Gone are the days of thinking everyone in the world would speak English, which is of course true to a degree, but more and more businesses are now seeking advice on cultural awareness and making the effort to contact their potential clients in their respected languages".

Kirk Akdemir continued "UK firms are being told everyday that we need more exports in order to come out of the recession. However, the competition is so fierce out there that companies often find themselves pitching against many others with similar offerings and prices. That is where language and cultural awareness plays a big role. Those who adopt the right approach tend to have the upper hand over their competitors. At AA Global we have a proven track record of helping UK firms gain advantage over their competitors for over 25 years”. 

You can download our Export Translation Packs leaflet with more information and prices here.

For more details or to order your packs you can email or call 0800 0273 777.