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Another Major Client Choses AA Global

We are proud to be chosen by Waterloo Housing Group for all their translation requirements

Waterloo Housing Group is a major housing group based in central England– and the first to span the East andWest Midlands.

The Group comprises:

de Montfort Housing Society

New Linx Housing Trust

Waterloo Housing Association

Waterloo Homes

The group brings together strong and high-performing associations capable of delivering a large number of affordable new homes and first class services.

Together the group manages over18,000 homes across centralEngland, from the Welsh borders to The Wash.

Waterloo Housing Group operates in some of the most diverse regions in England. It is therefore important to deliver a service that is fair and accessible by all. The Group places equality, diversity and inclusion issues at the top of the agenda, and this is reflected in the services they deliver.

We were therefore delighted to find out that they selected AA Global to be their partner in delivering language services in order to communicate with the diverse range of clients and service users they have across the country.

We are looking forward to working with Waterloo Housing.